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The city of Stary Sącz

with the charming Monastery of the Poor Clares and Cinema "Sokół" thanks to the kindness of the Town and Community Office in Stary Sącz is the co-organizer of the festival. Please visit www.stary.sacz.pl -





Diocesan OPOKA Pilgrimage Center

Please visit www.centrumopoka.pl - In this unique place - the only one in Poland, and perhaps the world, at the Papal Altar, there are film workshops for children and open-air film screenings. Address: ul. Papieska 10, 33-340 Stary Sącz




Association of Polish Filmmakers

is the largest organization in Poland of film people. Since 1966, he has been constantly taking care of the interests of creators and the film community. SFP has an extremely wide range of activities. From the protection of filmmakers and film professions, through collective management of copyright, to the promotion and dissemination of film culture in Poland and abroad, and film production.



Monastery of the Poor Clares in Stary Sącz

The history of the monastery complex of the Poor Clares is inseparable from the history of Stary Sącz. The rise of the city was a consequence of giving St. Inland Land of Sądecka in 1257. From the very beginning, the International Festival of Films and Religious Programs for Children - MUNDI will be hosted in the Monastery of the Sisters. August 11, 2018 at 11.00 in the memory of Saint. Clara - the patron of television, will be held Mass. for Festival guests.


Polish Film Institute

a state cultural institution responsible for the development of Polish cinematography and for the promotion of Polish film creativity abroad. This year's Partner of the International Festival of Films and Programs for Children MUNDI 2018.


Museum Goodnight from the collection of Wojcuech Jamy in Rzeszów

The Bedtime Museum from the collection of Wojciech Jama in Rzeszów was created for children and adults. Its main advantage, due to the nature of the exhibition, is to combine generations.

Each of us, being a child in the evening, was waiting for the appearance of heroes of bedtime stories on the small screen. They were broadcast around 19.00 and usually lasted ten minutes. They were waiting impatiently because they were one of the few programs for children during the day.