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We are very glad to announce that the National Council for Radio and Television agreed to be a patron of our Festival MUNDI. What is more, professor Janusz Kawecki will take part in jury deliberations.


‘When I presented the idea of the Festival in Studio Miniatur Filmowych in Warsaw, I met with huge kindness and attention’- mentioned pr. Andrzej. ‘Help from such successful and experienced Institution is a big surprise. the idea of the competition for the best script of religious film for children was created here. Soon, the details of the competition.

The Festival is organized under the Honorary Patronage of the Pontificial Council for Culture. It is a big event for the Festival. The decision was signed by the Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi.


It is difficult not to notice the Technology Park MMC Brainville when you arrive to Nowy Sącz from the motorway A4 side. It is another partner and co-worker, that helps us organize the Festival.