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The originator of the Festival is Priest Andrzej Mulka, director of PROMYCZEK publishing and producer of series of religious films for children AUREOLA – from Stanisław to Karol. He expects that thanks to the Festival the interest in production of religious film for children increase. First discussion about the Festival took place in January 2016 during the meeting with Priest Tomasz Trafny from  the Pontificial Council for Culture. In February 2016 the Bishop of Tarnów Andrzej Jeż approbated the idea and preparations start with full speed.

During the preparations, we took into account Kraków- John Paul II Sanctuary with Institute of Intercultural Dialogue ‘Nie lękajcie się’ and Stary Sącz – with charming Convent of Clares and the Cinema ‘Sokół’. Maybe it will be surprise for many of you, but a big amount of arguments advocated for the benefit of Stary Sącz. That is why the Municipality and Communal Office of Stary Sącz is copromoter of the Festival.

The name of the Festival MUNDI-  International Festival of Religious Films and Programmes for children- refers to Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe- Rajmund Kolbe, whose parents and friends called ‘Mundzio’.

The date of the Festival: 11-14 August is also nonarbitrary, because it begins in the day of Saint Clare- patroness of television, and finishes in the day of Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe, who was trying to evangelize by using modern technological solutions.