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For the Festival needs we will establish;

Preselecting Jury that will evaluate all sended productions and choose the best for the Festival showings- those productions will received a title: Nominated for the Festival MUNDI.

The Festival Jury that among all Nominated productions, will select winners of the main prize- GRAND PRIX and prizes- LILIES OF SAINT CLARE (gold, silver and brown) - in particular categories, What is more, the Jury will give also an honour such as diplomas.


Festival Jury MUNDI – 2018

Ks. Tomasz Trafny – Pontifical Council for Culture - Vatican

Ks. Marek Lis – President SIGNIS Poland - Opole

S. Ines Krawczyk MChR – editor-in-chief Małego Przewodnika Katolickiego - Poznan

Dominika Figurska – actress - Warsaw

Eugeniusz Gordziejuk – Studio Miniatur Filmowych - Warsaw

prof. Janusz Kawecki – National Council for Radio and Television – Warsaw

Jerzy Armata – film and music critic - Krakow


Next to a professional jury, there will be a CHILDREN JURY, made up of children between the ages of 7 and 15, who will also award their prizes. Special reward and promotion in the pages of their magazines are also granted by the editorial offices of Catholic magazines for children.


Children JURY:

Jan Facente – Rome

Ania Stypka – Wiena

Martyna Wojdak – Żegocina

Urszula Krawczyk – Bytomsko

Krystian Gizicki – Nowy Sącz

Karol Szczygieł  – Stary Sącz